My Ministry Checks was started by several former youth pastors and ministry leaders.  While working in ministry the need for volunteers was something that could make or break a ministry.  If people are not able to leave their children in the hands of qualified staff and feel safe while they are at worship, their time to reflect on the message is not available.  The other hand is having children crying and wandering around the building.  With proper training and letting parents know who is watching their children, you are providing a safeguard that they rely on.  While most churches understand the importance of doing a background check on their volunteers many will only do a brunch and training on how to work with the children.  During this time it can be tough to talk about some of the touchy issues of working with children.  But these are the very issues that can cause serious risk to your ministry.  That is where My Ministry Checks comes in.   We work with your rules of conduct to provide a simple production that allows for testing while they watch.  This testing process is recorded and sent to the youth or children’s leader.  Volunteers who watch the video or slide production, are asked a short series of questions with multiple choice answers.  Set up a passing grade and the test will check that your volunteer has not only watched but knows the correct answer.  If they fail to meet the requirements they are given a second chance to repeat the quiz one more time*.  Each volunteer will then sign the online form stating that they understand the proper behavior and you receive a copy of this form with their signature.    Once they have passed the test they are taken directly into the background check portion of the program which will ask them to fill out their information and sign documents allowing their background to be check.  These forms are set for each state to meet all FCRA requirements and keep your ministry in compliance.  The submitted background checks are then completed and reported to the youth or children’s leaders account usually within 72 hrs**.  This will keep all personal information within the system that is also FCRA  and PCI compliant.


  • Training and management in one solution.
  • Custom programming to your rules of conduct.
  • Offsite training with a website link.
  • Makes volunteer sign-ups much easier.
  • Full FCRA compliance.


My Ministry Checks and their partnership with C4 Operations

*  Your will receive both test results.
** 72 Business Hours.